My Very First Fandom

2009 is the year I entered the KPOP world. Yes, it’s during the golden era of kpop when I entered this beautiful nightmare. I have the BIGBANG picture as my header but that’s not my first fandom.

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my collection of kpop albums & magazines


I was a KISSME before becoming a VIP or YG stan. Kissme is the official fandom name of UKISS. So why am I writing about them if they’re my former fandom? Honestly, I am really sad when the news of Kevin leaving UKISS was reported. Kevin is my UB and I never thought of him leaving the group. I have been a kissme for 5 years and I can say that UKISS had been through a lot. On 2011, Kibum(the leader) & Alexander left the group or were forced to leave the group. On the same year, AJ & Hoon were added but AJ went on hiatus to study Psychology in Columbia University. Again, on 2013, Dongho, the maknae left the group and on 2014, Jun was added. On 2016, AJ’s contract expired and he officially left the group and recently, Kevin also left the group. Eventhough Im not a kissme now, it really saddens me seeing my first group slowly breaking. Ukiss has not been receiving much popularity since a very tight competition is happening now with all the new groups debuting. They ain’t disbanding but I wanna thank them for bringing me to the kpop world and for the wonderful years I have been a kissme.


6 thoughts on “My Very First Fandom

    1. Yeah, I saw comments where they thought Kev will be the last one to leave but he have his reasons☹️ If Eli leaves, Idk what will happen to them. I just hope they get the recognition they deserve😭😭😭

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      1. They had too much line up changes in the past years, it’s saddening. I wish they won’t add new members this time. I just hope NH media will take care of them more.


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